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Prodigy is a one of its kind Business Oriented Event that aims to bring Prodigies across the length and breadth of Delhi & NCR schools into one arena and pit their wits and talents against each other in a variety of competitions. The aim, in organizing Prodigy is to refine the perception and thinking of the students towards Management Education and show them the exciting and rewarding prospects of the same.

This year the event was held on 6th November, 2008 at Shah Auditorium. The auditorium was packed with students from over 30 schools, as they waited in anticipation for the novel events of the day to begin. The day began on an auspicious note by the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by Principal, Dr. Poonam Verma and Chairman of the college Mr. Pradeep Gupta.

The event began with the preliminary rounds of Acumen (The Brainstorming Quiz) and Marketing Pitcher (The Market Campaigning Competition). The excitement in the air was palpable as students tried to make the most of the limited time and fill in the answers that would get them the coveted place in the finals.

It was time then for another innovative competition to take centre-stage - Bull’s Eye (The Stock Exchange Simulation Game). It was the highlight of the event due its unique character. It gave the students a glimpse into the workings of the exciting world of stock markets and whetted their appetites to know more about the larger world of finance. It allowed the participants to act as investors/traders, invest in shares of certain companies and make profits. Undoubtedly, the power of handling money (what if it wasn’t real!) and the liberty to take investment decisions brought out the financial wizards in all the students and the quest to make the maximum profit was thoroughly engaging.

After those nail biting moments of taking split-second decisions, students got the chance to sit back and enjoy the performances of their team members, as the 8 final teams of Marketing Pitcher unleashed their creativity on stage. From Cell phones for housewives to footwear for dogs and high heels for old ladies, the budding marketers of the future left no stone unturned in convincing the audience (and the judges of course!) about the features and USPs of their products, letting their role-plays, advertisements and jingles to do the talking.

Not long after that, the wait for the Acumen finalists was finally over, as our illustrious, famed and very witty quizmaster - Mr. Pranab Mukherjee took to the stage to stimulate eclectic thinking processes and test the Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Abilities, and Business & General Awareness of the contesting students. The six teams and the audience witnessed a series of rounds and questions that had the contestants stumped and delighted in equal measures, as they did their best to outdo each other and answer the maximum questions. Mr. Pranab’s light banter and quirky one-liners acted as the icing on the cake. At the end of an enjoyable hour, which consisted of both the quiz and tie breaking sessions, we had our final winners.

The Overall trophy for the best school was bagged by Montfort School. The event thus ended on a jubilant note, with the celebrations and cheers by the winning teams and the resounding opinion of Prodigy ‘08 being a definite and huge success.